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It’s so easy…
1) Choose the self-growth area you want, 2) Choose a module, and 3) Listen
Then go for the ride and let the personal transformation happen…

Dear Friend,

are you like millions of people seeking to transform their life, who’ve read just about every self-help book imaginable, attended all the motivational seminars you could find, studied countless workbooks and programs only to find they do very little for you (if anything at all) to create real, and lasting positive changes in your life?

Look no further…

We provide you the same powerful personal growth
tools we use–that actually work!
  • No. 1 Reason… You can do it in under 22 minutes

There is nothing to memorize. No boring exercises that you have to crawl through. No exhaustive studying of workbooks. Just choose a module. Listen to a ParallaxMind audio and your autonomic mind will do what it does best, automatically.

You don’t have to invest a fortune, countless hours a day, or buy into yet another “motivational rock concert” like other personal growth programs. Just 22 minutes.

And the best part is, you don’t have to force your mind to focus when listening. You can even let your mind naturally flow where it wants to. You can also create effortless change while you’re sleeping or even while sitting at your desk. Could it be any easier.

  • No. 2 Reason… Powerfully effective brain-training technology

Every module features our trademark “ParallaxMind” neuro-technology, to stimulate your brain to “tune into” the same brain-wave states like that of successful people, and their corresponding thought patterns, programmed for success, when listening with stereo headphones making the Autonomix scripts even more effective.

Thousands of people have used the powerful ParallaxMind audio to accomplish just about every area of personal transformation possible since its introduction in the Shinka Zen™ Guided Meditation System back in 2006, and now it’s time to get all 12 levels (totaling 36 soundtracks) of the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System, plus an additional 100+ soundtracks combined in the ParallaxMind™ Self-Development Library, ParallaxMind™ Self-Hypnosis Series, and the ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio Harmonic Healing series exclusively available only in the ParallaxMind™ Members Monthly membership.

People from every walk of life recommend
ParallaxMind™ Brain-Entrainment Audio Technology!
“To say I am impressed is an understatement…

Thank you! To say I am impressed is an understatement. I am familiar with brainwave entrainment, and use it. Nonetheless, you appear to have taken the art form to a new level. After reading through all the PDF’s and instruction sheets, I am even more impressed.

Lauree White - New Zealand
“I found your guided meditations to be very beneficial…

making the transition from coaching professional hockey, to pursuing a degree in psychology at the University of Arizona, I found your guided meditations to be very beneficial for coping with daily stresses and making the change flow a lot easier.

Knowing the importance of how neurological thought processes can shape our outer world, I find that your ParallaxMind soundtracks help me stay very focused in college, and remain balanced in social situations, both professional and private.

I would like to thank you for developing ParallaxMind audio, and for giving me some powerful tools to be more effective in my work, school, and to function at a higher state of mind.

Former U.S. Marine
USA Certified Hockey Coach – Level 4

John S. Gould - Tucson, AZ
To transform your life, all that’s needed is tapping into the power of infinite intelligence and unleashing the timeless wisdom that is
“already” in YOU

The vision of ParallaxMind audio lies in the creative passion and genius of luminary Lewi Glenis. Each module was engineered by Lewi, trained in hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistics, neuro-acoustics, music and sound therapy, and cognitive studies to give you the most effective audio based, brain-entrainment for your personal evolution. Advanced, digital audio engineering creates flowing, 3-D soundscape environments that allow you to effortlessly expand with the audio material to enlighten or “re-train” your mind.

There are select ParallaxMind titles that include Lewi’s proprietary Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations Audio Technology, that is quite literally–thousands of times more potent and effective than out-dated subliminal affirmations, precisely engineered to powerfully reinforce and “mirror” the spoken word affirmations beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, attaining states of mind wherein neuro-scientists report positive transformative benefits can take place faster, and with the least resistance to positive change breaking to the surface. Here’s how one of Lewi’s Master NLP instructors sees it…

“This points to the law of dominant effect known in neuro-linguistic circles…

Bypassing filters of the conscious mind is essential in creating life changing results in the sub/unconscious mind–which is where our early life experiences are stored, but for most of us are still operating on auto-pilot. Creating permanent positive change is much more effective and permanent when harnessing the accelerated learning potential of the Alpha and Theta brain wave states. Tapping into the unconscious mind is where quantum leaps in personal growth can be accomplished to change limiting beliefs and behavior patterns in less time, with the most conscious intention. This points to the law of dominant effect known in neuro-linguistic programming circles.

Richard Corvino M.A. – Master NLP Practitioner
The Wesland Institute, Tucson, AZ USA

You won’t be burdened with any hyped up motivational statements that fleetingly fade away, or sub-par subliminal message recordings. Instead, you will listen to laser targeted affirmation scripts that are designed with pre-consciousness (“AWAKENED”) to produce very powerful results fast, taking into account and reconciling the dual nature of the mind, and the little known fact the human brain is a very powerful goal seeking mechanism, and is highly responsive to specific language commands. When entrained properly the brain has no choice but to carry out the exact instructions you give it so you can create the changes you want to make, when you want them, and with the Autonomix method… even while you perform another task like work, play, or sleep!

When you begin to listen to your ParallaxMind modules, all you have to do is use a quality pair of stereo headphones, (there are even ones available you can wear in bed) then sit or lie back, and let your mind drift.

While your ParallaxMind audios play, the advanced technology will guide your brainwaves into highly receptive, and concentrated states of mind neuro-scientists call “whole-brain functioning”, and accelerated learning called “super-Learning”. The two sides of your brain will synchronize called “hemispheric synchronization”, as you become deeply centered into very deep states of meditation, concentration, and relaxation. Next, the Autonomix Quiet Affirmations begin to deliver the advanced consciousness scripts designed to accomplish your desired goals, and to greatly expand your self-awareness and consciousness.

Various ParallaxMind modules contain just spoken word affirmations, some combine spoken word, and mirror the same affirmations underneath with Autonomix delivered in tri-stereo to saturate your entire mind and being, and some contain just ParallaxMind technology to accomplish certain goals like attaining very deep states of meditation, where affirmations aren’t needed but to attain more thoughtless or focal states of mind. This is especially found true in Lewi’s exclusive ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System, 12 Levels in all, where each consecutive level is more advanced than the last taking your meditation experiences deeper and higher. But that’s just the beginning.

One of the most pleasing aspects of entraining the brain and meditating with ParallaxMind, is how it naturally induces the brain to produce certain pleasure producing neuro-chemicals called endorphins that leave you feeling a “natural high”, and many more “ahhh” experiences.

Not only that, but ParallaxMind has been proven to positively “rewire” the brain by creating new neural pathways between the two sides of the brain, which in turn creates greater flow and communication between the two sides to empower the brain and even correct a common known condition called “brain-lateralization”–where one uses one dominant side of their brain more than the other that unintentionally causes negative, dualistic self-dialog and thinking. If you ever find yourself talking negatively to your self, you’ll find it interesting to learn you may be in a more lateralized state of mind at that time than you might think.

When you listen closely, you can hear wave like, slow pulsating tones embedded in your ParallaxMind audios. It is these binaural tones that each side of the brain responds to, that precisely guide the human brain into beneficial mind states like ultra-deep meditation, relaxation, instant stress-relief, improved focus and concentration, heightened creativity, and learning acceleration among others. This scientific wonder quite literally aids in rebalancing the brain, improving cognition while leading to healthier mental and emotional states, allows one to make a deeper connection to self and others, and leads to increased self-awareness as incongruent aspects of your inner self naturally reconcile over time and dramatically heals limiting beliefs, values, and thought patterns.

Lewi has worked tirelessly to create the perfect balance of guided meditation music, the advanced form of ParalaxMind audio, the 3-D environmental soundscapes, and the Autonomix Quiet Affirmation scripts for the past sixteen years to bring you a truly unique, and powerful combination of brain-entrainment and mind development based self-growth programs. It took a lot of time and money investment to produce these results. But with total confidence we can say… “You’ll be hard pressed to find a product anywhere that can create these kinds of “on-going” results. There’s nothing quite like ParallaxMind Members Monthly.”

parallaxmind members monthly site
If you are not very happy with your life,
join ParallaxMind Members Monthly now

If you’re dissatisfied with any area of your life, then do something about it. Take action.

Your ParallaxMind Members Monthly membership (PMMM) can help you make real, ever-lasting changes in how you see your self, others, the world, and can help move you closer to the life you want to be more happy, more joyful, overcome emotional problems, have more friends, improve relationships, make more money, find more time, make a deeper spiritual connection, and deeply satisfied with very little time and money investment over similar, higher priced programs. However, there’s nothing else quite like ParallaxMind Members Monthly that we’ve found anywhere. This is a revolutionary new approach to delivering our products and services over the Internet. The majority of the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System (all 12 levels), and the ParallaxMind™ Self-Development Library (100+) soundtracks are under 22 minutes.

“I just wasn’t expecting any real tangible change with these soundtracks…

I’ve listened to the “Twilight Wind” soundtrack the past couple of weeks. I am sleeping better, best of all the last 3 nights. And I am dreaming more and remembering the dreams more. The symbolism in my dreams are revealing some existing habits, fears, attitudes, behaviors that are resisting some sort of change. Quell surprise, considering your documentation mentions this possibility. I must admit I just wasn’t expecting any real tangible change with these soundtracks. Especially so soon, but my dreams tell me different!

Kristin F. - London, England
“I am so happy I have had the opportunity to use the program…

My boyfriend purchased the guided meditation system for me, and I have been using it for about 5 years now. I am quite amazed at the results, and am so happy I’ve had the opportunity to use the ParallaxMind meditations. Thanks so much!

Update from Lori 12-16-09…
Lewi, I cannot begin to tell you the blessings I have received from the daily practice of the ParallaxMind audio recordings. Your program has brought me to a place where I have made meditation and prayer part of my daily routine. Someone recently asked me what was the greatest gift I received in 2009 and my immediate response was your programs. Thank you so much and have a joyous holiday season!
Update from Lori 11-19-10…
I recently secured a new job that I love, one that I will stay at for many years. I have realized a peace of mind that I didn’t even know was possible. Things that use to engage me and start negative thoughts and reactions are now just part of someone else’s journey. I am living my own life and not caught up in everyone else’s. I now know what “mindfulness” is and am enjoying every minute of it right now. I am very grateful to you and what you have created and shared with me and looking forward to the next level. Thank you!
Update from Lori 08-16-11…
ParallaxMind has become so much a part of my life I’m not sure what I will do when I have completed all the levels. The benefits have been enormous for me and I’m sure for those close to me. I now have a great job and have lost 30 lbs. It has improved every aspect of my life. It has given me a tool to use to bring about the changes I never was able to accomplish before. Thank you for providing such a wonderful gift and I look forward to the next level.

Lori Nightingale - Suquamish, WA

Most people listen to their tracks early before breakfast. Some while they work at their desk or on their break to rejuvenate throughout the day, when they get home from work, or when drifting off to sleep. Whenever you can find the time, you will reap the rewards.

Envision your membership in ParallaxMind Members Monthly, like the ParallaxMind™ Self-Development Library loaded into your mp3 player, or smart phone. Imagine scrolling through the huge library of 100+ soundtracks you receive over time: PM Supreme Self-Confidence Elevator, PM Aware Ego Builder, PM Cultivating Great Gratitude, PM End Procrastination Now, PM Healing Shame Based Anger, PM Delta Drifter Sleep Aid, PM The Lucid Dreamer, PM Increased Energy & Intense Focus… Can you hear yourself saying? “Awesome, this is the perfect track for me right now.”

You lay back in your favorite chair or lie down on your bed for your relaxing ParallaxMind listening sessions. You open your eyes refreshed, and fully aware the powerful transformations you seek have already begun taking root on the deepest levels of your inner mind, and safely and naturally are fine tuning the physiology of your brain and nervous system to achieve advanced whole-brain functioning the more you use them.

You find rest in the fact these positive changes are permanent and stay with you the more you develop your brain and mind with these powerful mind renewing tools. You know that your efforts, time, and money are well invested.

You are confident you’re part of a growing community, where thousands of people from every walk of life are contributing to the success of everyone else in the membership community. Instead of each individual paying outrageous fees to own their own sets of ParallaxMind library tools, you take part in a cause where each individual contributes to the collective, as your member participation ensures membership fees remain low so more like-minded people like yourself can use them. And the best part of the PMMM model is that 10% of all monthly proceeds are donated to help relieve world hunger in under-developed countries where it is needed most through our Charitable Giving Program. That’s why you participate in a cause that is bigger than your self, and at the same time greatly enriches your own life.

official world food programme logoParallaxMind™ Members Monthly is a proud sponsor of the World Food Programme (WFP) a non-profit charity organization.

Lewi Glenis masterfully designed these tools, the sequential delivery system, choosing each word with expanded consciousness precision, and composing the music portions of the ParallaxMind soundtracks to deliver the therapeutic benefits of music and sound therapy, where each musical score compliments both the mood, and the emotional effectiveness to evoke passion when entraining your mind with ParallaxMind audio. ParallaxMind can help renew your mind so you feel inspired to seek out the next higher level of your life.
How to get full access to 100+ ParallaxMind
audios for mere pennies on the dollar!

When you become a member of ParallaxMind Members Monthly, you save thousands over the length of time it would take you to acquire all these tools if you were to purchase each one separately, or find anything similar in much higher priced programs.

Each ParallaxMind module is delivered to your membership area on a monthly basis, with a wealth of material to use for that month beginning with the Parallaxmind Guided Meditation System (PMGMS) Level 1, and the ability to customize the subsequent Levels 2-12 with your own, personally chosen affirmations encoded to your soundtracks using Autonomix Quiet Affirmations technology.

Your membership is then enhanced with the ParallaxMind Self-Development Library (PMSDL), ParallaxMind Self-Hypnosis Series (PMSHS), and ParallaxMind Solfeggio Harmonic Healing (PMSHH) sessions, currently over 100+ soundtracks and growing, delivered sequentially to your membership account to allow your brain, nervous system, and mental abilities to adapt, change, and evolve quickly and naturally over time. We spent years developing the membership content, and delivery system to ensure you evolve through each module for the most effective experience, and to offer you a complete personal development plan expertly organized in your membership area.

Each module also comes with member support documentation, video training (select modules), live monthly webinars with renown experts in personal and spiritual growth recorded and archived in your member’s area for download, and a huge array of supplemental research material, and acquired knowledge for personal empowerment and accelerated growth. Lewi shares his heart in manifesting these modules. You’ll learn of the personal challenges he had to overcome to realize his life’s work and vision that took him many years to become the success he is today, and how he has concentrated this knowledge and invaluable resources to save you many years of time, lots of money, personal heartache, and struggling effort.

For myself, I can hardly wait for you to gain access to the ParallaxMind Members Monthly. That way you’ll always have access to all of our valuable content right at your finger tips, as your own personal growth libraries grow.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring

Rest assured, Lewi and our team here at Solexus Health Systems are ready to give you support–and we have 14 years to stand on. With the ParallaxMind Members Monthly membership you have 4 Flexible Membership Options to choose from along with our 60-Day risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, you can receive a refund for any particular month past your initial 60-day trial period if you choose to cancel for that month. This means you get two full months of our sequential delivery system to evaluate the membership content for yourself with absolutely no risk, and the added security to cancel in any month past the 60-day trial period. At any time you need assistance we invite you to email or call one of our personal mentors who use the PMMM themselves. We aren’t simply a faceless website where you never hear from us again. We’re a growing community of like minded individuals who formed a master mind group to help you accomplish your life’s dreams and fulfill your greatest potential.

“…becomes available to every individual brain in the group…

…the psychic phase of the Master Mind principle: When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in Harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance, becomes available to every individual brain in the group.

In the immortal words of Napoleon Hill
“I can physically feel ripples expanding around my heart…

Hi Lewi! I am listening to the soundtracks – amazing… Thank you so much. The timing is always so DIVINE! I need them so much at this phase in life and you sent them. Thank you!!! In fact I am finding myself incapacitated to express my joy and gratitude. Each one is so special and magical. I find such a beautiful amalgam of Hindustani Classical and Western Classical music in the current ParallaxMind soundtrack I’m using. I can physically feel ripples expanding around my heart and throat chakra while listening to ‘Awakening To Compassion’…

…even third eye and crown chakras – such heavy waves tingling all over. I am feeling so calm and going back to a peaceful sleep now. Namaste!

Dr. Jyotika Chhibber, – Maharashtra, India
Now, my friend, it is your turn…

Order your ParallaxMind Members Monthly membership at a very low monthly charge, plus get your ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System customizations every 90 days which are now totally FREE! Don’t postpone your fulfillment any longer. You’re entitled to the expert support and guidance you will get from your PMMM membership. You can get started by pressing the ‘Add To Cart’ button here…

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As Napoleon Hill observed over 75 years ago:

When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of HARMONY, and work toward a definite objective, they place themselves in position, through that alliance, to absorb power directly from the great universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence. This is the greatest of all sources of POWER. It is the source to which the genius turns. It is the source to which every great leader turns, (whether he may be conscious of the fact or not).

Napoleon Hill
parallaxmindmembersmonthly com

For your ParallaxMind best,
parallaxmind members monthly

Taso Tsiganos
PMMM Master Mind Group Member

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Faster and easier than anything you’ve ever experienced before. Nothing to memorize. No exhausting workbooks. No mundane exercises. Just lay back with your headphones, listen, and manifest the results. All by entraining and harnessing the power of your own mind with the proven ParallaxMind audios. Order right now and save more than any other time in our company’s history! Click here to order…

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